Is it possible to place an order over the phone?

Orders placed via Phone calls & WhatsApp are welcome, of course.

Which type of modern wall art do you have?

Currently we have Customize Wallpapers, Photo frames and stretched canvas

Which modern art is better – stretched canvas or photo frames ?

In contrast to framed paintings, which give off a more common look, stretched canvas looks great anywhere you choose to display them.  stretched  canvas modern art becomes the focal point of any room. stretched  Canvas prints are the way to go if you want to display your modern art and avoid the drawbacks of framed photos. stretched canvas   are a terrific way to display your modern art work without sacrificing quality in areas like fine detail, textural richness, and shadow depth.


Advantages and disadvantages of photo frames and stretched canvas ?


The benefits of photo frames

  1. Traditional appearance
  2. Paper prints exhibit more details.
  3. On textured papers, black-and-white prints flourish.

The benefits of stretched Canvas

  1. The stretched canvas avoids glare and reflections.
  2. Since neither weight nor cost is a concern, you can generate enormous canvas prints.
  3. Canvas prints lack a frame, hence enhancing the viewing experience.
  4. Due to the absence of a frame, canvas prints can be displayed anywhere.
  5. There is an extensive selection of sizes and finishes available.
  6. Canvas prints a lovely addition to your home decor.
  7. They are an exquisite present for your family.

Which Kind of wallpapers do you have?

Non-woven, canvas, and vinyl wallpapers are available.

What are the difference between non woven, paper and vinyl wallpapers?

PVC is also known as Polyvinyl chloride or vinyl. They are frequently embossed to add a luxurious textural effect. These wallpapers are extremely durable, making them simple to clean and maintain. Their main characteristics are a strong design and decorative wallpaper, as well as being waterproof and resistant to water.  They are also well-known for their scratch resistance and can be applied to a variety of wall surfaces.


Non-woven wallpaper material is made from refined natural plant fibre and high-quality natural wood. As a result, they are a completely different level material because they are environmentally friendly natural items that give them an advantage in current technology.Non-woven fabrics are breathable, lightweight, and flexible, as well as very easy to install and remove from the wall. Because non-woven wallpaper has a breathable edge, mildew growth is prevented beneath the wallpaper. It also has excellent heat and sound insulation, making it suitable for any type of room.


  • The difference between non-woven and canvas paper?
    The primary distinction between the two types of paper is in the feel; non woven paper is satiny and soft, while canavs paper is rougher. Both are simple to maintain and require only a damp towel for cleaning. Vivid colours are displayed clearly without any glossiness.
    Soft non woven paper or canvas would both work well. Both are of superior construction, robust, and simple to care for. Canvas’s textured appearance makes it seem significantly more expensive.


  • Which wallpaper is better – vinyl, paper or non-woven ?
  1. vinyl : Vinyl is the most prevalent form of wallpaper due to its ease of installation and removal, as well as its suitability for moist locations and tendency to come pre-pasted.
  2. Paper : Paper wallpaper displays colours well, but beware of scuffing and tearing since this substance is the most fragile.
  3. NON woven or fabric : Fabric wallpaper, which is considered to be of the greatest quality, but it is difficult to hang. Typically, it is not pre-pasted. needs to Smooth out air bubbles carefully when applying so that the fabric does not wrinkle.



Can I get wallpaper in the size I need?

Since these wallpapers are manufactured to order, we may adjust their dimensions to fit your walls exactly. You might go with the industry-standard dimensions or get square feet that are similar to the dimensions of your walls. Send us your wall measurements, and we’ll help you place an order of the right size.

You customise wallpapers, correct?

In creating one-of-  the quirky looks, we believe. However, new design work will incur additional design fees. Costs will range from free to minimal to maximum, depending on how much work goes into the design.

Do you also offer wallpaper installation services?

Yes! We have installers in many of India’s major cities. Costs for installation are extra and might range from Rs 10-20, depending on the specifics of the design and the location within the city. There may be flat pricing for sizes less than 50 square feet. However, we solely offer our wallpaper installation services. The service is not offered independently.

What if any wall preparation is required prior to installation, and who will be responsible for that?

The painter is responsible for prepping the walls. The installation process does not consist of this.
Before hanging wallpaper, make sure the wall is properly prepared by priming it with putty and oil . This is not part of the installation team’s responsibilities and the customer is responsible for completing it. 


Second, the wall shouldn’t have any cracks or other imperfections. Wallpaper is ruined by leaks. In the event that your wall suffers seepage, The Quirky Looks is not responsible for any wallpaper problems that may arise.


As a third need, a ladder needs to be available on-site for assembly. Scaffolding must be supplied by the client for work on the ceiling or at a height twice as high.


We recommend a clean, dust-free environment with no concurrent construction or other noise.


If the installer arrives and finds that the site isn’t ready for work, additional fees will be incurred. After reading the following, please confirm it so we can schedule the installation. Please shoot us a text message if you need any assistance. 

How to get in touch with you?

Email is the best way to get in touch with us. If you have any questions, you can email our friendly customer service staff at or you can call us at +91 87340 21259. You can also visit our office at C-1020, Rajyash rise, Near Vishala Circle, Ahmedabad, between 11 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

What methods of payment do you accept?

All major credit and debit cards, as well as Upi are accepted.

When will my order Shipped?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours, or the following working day if placed on a weekend or holiday.

I Just finished redecorating my room and I'd love to show you a picture of it.

Absolutely yes!! We take enormous pleasure in all of the work we have completed. Just click a pic of your artwork, write up few words about it, and share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us, of course. A review or comment can be left on our site as well.

Are there any social media accounts I can follow you on?

Absolutely! Either do a search for “The Quirky Looks” or use the social media buttons on our site to visit our profiles directly. Instagram and Facebook are among the social media platforms where you can find us. Our social media pages are also a great way to keeping you up to date with our new products, discount offers, promotions and other news.

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